Rubber Cutting Edges

Rubber Cutting Edges



Laminated rubber cutting edges are used in Transfer Stations, Recycling Facilities and Waste-to-Energy Plants to prolong the wear life of concrete tipping floors. The cost of repairing and replacing a tipping floor can put a strain on the maintenance budget – not to mention the operational downtime associated with the repairs.

Shapes and Sizes

Each cutting edge is built to accommodate a specific bucket size – if you provide us with a few dimensions we'll produce and ship your custom edge within 2-3 days. We also keep a few general sizes in stock. All of our rubber cutting edges have an innovative sliding, T-track mounting channel.

Key Benefits

  • Outlasts a molded cutting edge 2:1
  • Easy to mount with our T-Track channel
  • Optional steel assembly bolts
  • 100% recycled laminated rubber and recycled steel
  • Squeegee effect for pushing liquids

Demonstration of 911r

Squeegee Effect



With 6" of wear surface and a reversible profile, the 911r is designed for heavy-duty wheel loaders.


The 911t comes with either 4" or 6" of wear surface. It's one of our most versatile rubber cutting edges.


With 3" of wear surface and rounded profile, the 911m is suitable for mid-size wheel loaders.


The 911s is our smallest edge, but it's incredibly tough. Its 2" of wear surface helps small wheel loaders get the job done.