Snow Plow Blades

Snow Plow Blades



The 911sp snowplow edge is made from 100% post-consumer truck and bus tires. The snowplow blade is made with fabric-reinforced rubber, which makes it durable, yet flexible enough to prevent damage to roadways and surfaces.

Snow Plow Blade

Shapes and Sizes

The Snow Plow Blade is 8 9/16" tall with a 3" wear surface. It has a depth of 6". Each cutting edge is built to accommodate a specific snowplow size – if you provide us with a few dimensions we'll produce and ship your custom edge within 2-3 days.

Key Benefits

  • Protecting Runway Lights
  • Protecting Fixtures
  • Protecting Roadway
  • Reduces or eliminates damage

Snow Plow Blade Snow Plow Blade



Key Benefits: ​Protecting runway lights, fixtures, and the overall surface of the runway.

Snow Plow Blade Snow Plow Blade