Product Types

Rubber Cutting Edges

Laminated rubber cutting edges are used to prolong the wear life of concrete tipping floors.

Rubber Cutting Edge

Snow Plow Blades

Our Snow Plow Blades are made from fabric-reinforced rubber, making them durable, yet flexible enough to eliminate surface damage.

Snow Plow Blade

Roll Off Wheels

Rubber roll-off wheels absorb rough impact and minimize unnecessary wear to expensive floors, driveways and other surfaces.

Roll Off Wheel


Custom-made for walls, corners, pillars, supports, docks and dumpsters.



Recycled Material

Oil is used to make molded rubber products. We use recycled rubber to manufacture our products – eliminating the need for oil. This results in a considerable decrease in CO2 greenhouse gas emissions and increases carbon credits earned. Your carbon footprint will be decreased.

Green Report

When you order a Schuyler rubber cutting edge, we provide you with a Green Report that details how many tires your edge diverted from the landfill and how many pounds of carbon dioxide were saved from entering the Earth's atmosphere.